Student Appointments


30 Minutes

Need to brainstorm ideas? Have one specific question?

  • What do I need to do in this assignment?

  • How do I reference my sources correctly?

  • How do I use semicolons and colons?

  • Is my introduction effective?


60 Minutes

When you need help with a large part of your paper:

  • My draft is too long and wordy.

  • Am I using my sources well?

  • Is my argument strong?

  • I need help structuring my paper.


Online Appointments

Students in online programs (e.g., HSLA, NP, and ITR) may book online sessions with any instructor. Just book an appointment and then email the appropriate instructor to make arrangements for an online session. You will be asked to send in your draft prior to the scheduled appointment. Feedback can be provided via email or using Google Docs.


Cancel/Reschedule Appointment

DON'T just skip it! You must cancel or reschedule your appointment if you can't make it, preferably 24 hours in advance.
If you miss two appointments, your account will be locked and you will be prevented from booking any other appointments that term.


Preparing For Your Appointment

Ensure your correct email is in your student record.

Note: 30-min. appointments end after 25 minutes, and 60-min appointments end after 50 minutes. The remaining time is used by instructors to complete appointment notes.

Please bring:

  • a copy of your assignment guidelines

  • a hard copy of your paper, draft, notes, etc.

We DO NOT work on your laptop


Reserved Class Appointments

Check here to see if your class has a special reserved set of appointments for an assignment.